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sign now button10489903 1001702769855095 771501019703913663 nThe "eternal Madeiran Spring"
is a harsh winter for the animals

“Flowery island”

That is the name for which Madeira is known by the Germans.

“The island of eternal Spring”

Another epithet to associate the region with.

“Pearl of the Atlantic”

It´s the most to be said about a site.


A jewel!

Except for…

Being one of the most beautiful places in the world, there are no words to describe the condition of stray animals in Madeira.

The journalist Ricardo Freitas named it, in the Diário de Notícias, “animal Auschwitz” ( and another journalist, Luís Rocha, in Funchal Notícias, actively denounced the “animal Holocaust” perpetrated in the island ( For the Germans, it would not be allowed to use such expressions but for the Portuguese that is not an impediment. In fact, the situation of stray animals in Madeira is dishonourable to say the least. All in all, animals seem to have no dignity whatsoever and talking about their rights may be an act of cynicism. Day after day, locals´ behaviour is ruled by ignorance. Ignorance regarding animals´ pain and suffering.

In political terms, the slaughtering of stray animals is shamefully subsidised. Local politicians like to pose in the social networks with eye-catching pure breed animals instead of trying to minimise the suffering of all the unwanted cats and dogs in the island. This responsibility is delegated to small initiatives and animal welfare associations struggling to change the status quo. Associations like Patinhas Felizes, Ajuda a Alimentar Cães, O Nosso Refúgio, Vamos Lá Madeira, Animad and PATA joined together and keep on congregating efforts in order to minimise and solve this sad problem, obviously without any support from the politicians or the Government.

What is it worth for the neglected animals the flowers?

What is it worth for them the “eternal Spring”?

How is it possible a “pearl” to be proud when unspeakable animal suffering and torment hangs over it?

How can the tourists enjoy their holidays in this paradise knowing that it is idyllic to human beings alone, but simultaneously, a vivid hell for the animals?

Is it possible that political decision-makers think that, disregarding ethics and moral, their beautiful island will still have a nice image abroad instead of a ruinous one, which seems to be progressively the case?

Can´t they grasp what is at stake and how much there is to lose in terms of tourism, once the visitors will not desire to spend their time in an island that treats the animals in such a barbarous way?

Please, support our petition and help make all political decision-makers realise that their apathy and inaction is seriously damaging Madeira.

Sign the petition and spread the word in order to let Madeira become the island of the “eternal Spring” for the animals as well!

Thank you.

Vamos Lá Madeira

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