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12. Dezember 2015: Niko → KiBo
Will meinen: Niko ist heute zu seiner Familie nach Kirchheim-Bolanden gezigen

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Auch Niko ist wohlbehalten auf seiner Pflegestelle Nähe St. Ingbert angekommen. Er liebt andere Hunde und Kinder.

Wie schrieben Zhany und Steve, die Retter der Madeira-Puppies so schön:

Niko is the smallest of the litter but is by far the cheekiest and liveliest of all the puppies. He loves playing with toys and will happily run about with a cardboard toilet paper inner for ages. Nikko doesn’t say much but he does lots. He has the cutest face and inquisitive eyes that are always looking for something to do. Nikko is definitely not going to be a lap dog. Owners who love playing with their dogs, walking them and socialising with them would be perfect for him and they would get one of the best companions they could wish for. A real star in the making. Nikko is fit and healthy and has had all his injections and inoculations.


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